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Feeling Ostomistic
Thursday, March 01 2018

In this post you will find a FREE PDF printable pattern designed to suit the Coloplast Sensura/Alterna bags + a tutorial 

Last week I had a visit with my Stoma Nurse for a stoma review and checkup. She noticed that where the bottom of my bag (the spout part where you empty it) was rubbing on my skin and it was getting irritated due to the heat and plastic, plus my skin is just sensitive.

She gave me a material stoma bag cover to try out and wear so that my bag was no longer irritating my skin.

I mentioned this on my personal facebook page (and my blog facebook page) and a friend inboxed me offering to make up some stoma bag covers for me in pretty fabrics. I sent her my stoma bag cover and a spare bag so that she could create her own pattern.

Kristina, who is the creative goddess behind Harley B Handmade and Harley Barley designs, kindly offered to make a tutorial and share her pattern with you all for FREE so that you too can make your own fabric stoma bag covers (or ask a friend/relative who is good at sewing to give you a hand). 

I know if I am having a bad day or feeling down, I put on one of my covers and I feel happier and brighter, and I hope you feel the same too!

Please enjoy, and hope you have fun creating!

Pattern Tutorial for a fabric Stoma Cover by Harley B Handmade

Fabric scraps or Fat Quarters (most fabrics work, cotton woven is recommended, however knit fabrics and waterproof will work as well)
Bias Binding
Scissors ✄ 
Sewing Machine
 Invisible pen or chalk

You will also need to download and print this FREE PDF pattern.  Click here to download or get it free from her Craftsy store!

If you prefer a printable set of instructions and images, click here to download (pattern is separate)

1. Cut out the 4 pattern pieces and copy the markings, if using FQ's you can fit 2 covers per FQ, fold in half and cut as per image 1.  Press all your pieces well

2.  Take piece 1 and fold the straight bottom edge over 1/4", then fold again to hide the raw edge.  Press well and pin in place.  Repeat with the top straight edge of piece 2. Top stitch the seam to secure.

3. Add bias binding to pieces 1 and 3 as per image 3, trim to fit the fabric and press well so the fabric and bias sit flat

4. Add bias between the marks on pieces 2 and 4.  You should just do this in a straight line, there is no need to go around the curve as this will be sewn into the seam.

5. Lay your fabrics in the following order, then pin all pieces in place
4- face up
1 - facedown
3 - facedown
2 - face down

6. Stitch between the 2 marks using a 1/4" seam, leaving the bottom open.  Overlock or zigzag the edges to prevent fraying.  Turn your stoma cover right sides out and you are ready to go.


More images:


A big thank you to Kristina for creating this FREE printable pattern for us to download and create our own fabric stoma bag covers.

If you'd like to thank Kristina or tag her in your creation, you can find her on Instagram as @harleybhandmade and you can find a heap of other patterns available in her Craftsy store, just search "Harley B" to discover. She has many more patterns in the works too!

Please feel free to join Kristina's Facebook Group for her patterns where you will find information on other pattern releases and give aways. Feel free to share your photos and ask questions in there as well.

I can't wait to see your covers! Happy creating!

P.S If you create one feel free to share on my Facebook page your end result, or post on instagram tagging @feelingostomistic and @harleybhandmade. This pattern has been made for FREE PERSONAL USE ONLY and isn't to be used for commercial purposes.

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FREE Pattern

With thanks to Harley B for this
FREE pattern. Full tutorial is on
my blog
. Have fun creating!

Pattern ©Harley B Handmade 

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