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Feeling Ostomistic

On this page, find the various places that I have shared my story, advice or have had articles published that I had wrote for different publications including my own magazine The Ostomistic Life. I always hope that through my writing or interviews shared that I can inspire, educate, empower, help and create awareness.

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'I am 26 and only have just months to live'

Talya Goding’s friends are getting married and having babies. She is planning her own funeral. In another life, Talya Goding would be excitedly planning a surprise for her husband for their upcoming wedding anniversary and maybe contemplating ........


Bowel Cancer: The Elephant In The Room

There are somethings we as a society like to ignore or refuse to talk about.. we will openly talk about sex, drinking and how much we aren't happy with our bodies. Yet there is one topic that we need to start talking about more and bringing awareness too, and that is our bowels......


Interview with Y Mag

Do not be mistaken by the joy and youthfulness beaming out from this page. Meet Talya. Talya has lived through more life experience than most young women of her age and she knows it has made her the person she is today. there has been the good, the bad and the extremely ugly!

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Interview with Handmade Kids

My business is called Made With Love-Cards And Crafts and I specialise in creating unique and handmade invitations and cards suited to any theme! I have created over 2500 invitations to date and strive at creating invitations that will really give the wow factor and create excitement for your party. I started Made With Love back in 2011 and it has been an amazing  journey so far!


Interview with Eshe Counselling

This week’s SheTalker …. Inspiring much? Ummmm hell yes!!! At Only 22 Talya Goding has had more than her share of tough times to say the least, but she is making her way through the other side with a massive smile on her dial and an outlook on life that is way wiser than her years.  SheTalked is such a gift, it has brought Lisa and I into contact with so many amazing women and we are so grateful to be sharing another amazing woman with you this week. 


Interview with Career FAQ's

Using her love of crafts, Talya discovered a niche market for handmade invitations and so began her own business, Made With Love. The business gave her a purpose as well as a sense of self-accomplishment and self-worth. Talya is now filled with pride by the work she creates and ‘couldn’t be happier’. ‘I have a lot more confidence in myself, and I really rely on my business and craft to help get me through tough times ahead.’

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~  Spirit of Optimism Through Living with an Ostomy  ~

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