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Feeling Ostomistic
Disclosure Policy

I want to get real about how things are done here!

This is a personal blog that is written and edited by Talya Goding (me).

Feeling Ostomistic accepts products, sponsored posts, advertising and sometimes affiliate commission.

I believe in honesty, transparency and openness, and it is how I live my life. I live the same through my blog and will always let you know when a post or product has been gifted or I have been paid to write content about it. YOU will always know when this is the case.

Sometimes I do share products that I have found myself and don't receive commission or was paid for the opinion piece, and even if I were paid my opinons expressed are entirely mine and I would never promote a product or service that didn't flow with my blog, community or me (which of course would be disclosed to you upfront). 

Any compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content. If I test drive a product and I don't like it, I won't reccommend it either.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE that I am writing about medical issues/experiences based on MY own experiences. Please always contact your doctor or medical practitioner or nurse for advice as I am not trained to offer medical advice, I am purely sharing my experience in case it helps you. For medical emergencies dial '000' in Australia.




Privacy is very important to me, and I value your privacy as well, which is why I will always protect it.

If you supply your email to me through subscribing to my blog/newsletter or by commenting on a post, know and rest assured that your email will NEVER be sold or distributed to a third party without your consent.

The only time I would pass on your email was if there was a giveaway that you won and the sponsor of the giveaway required your email to arrange collection of your prize. BUT you would be notified of this in the conditions of the giveaway and also reminded when you won.

I know some of the topics spoken about on my blog are sensitive and if you wanted to reply to a post by submitting a comment and wanted to share your story you can always use a different name or write anon if it protects you.

If I am calling out for comments on a topic on my facebook page, or people offer suggestions from their own experiences of how they did something different in a situation and if I share these on my blog I will refer to the attribution of being "a reader has suggested" unless you have otherwise said you're happy for me to say "Talya suggested" and use your name.

If you messaged me asking for help about a particular issue, I would never disclose our conversation or your issue with anyone EVER! If it were something that I felt would be helpful for others as a blog post I will personally reply to you but also do a post, but NEVER will I say who you were that had the issue as I don't want to embarrass you, but I don't want to be the reason you are hesitant to access help as well.


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Thank you for stopping by Feeling Ostomistic. It has taken a lot of courage to share my story and I ask that you show me and my site/blog respect and courtesy. Views expressed in this blog are my own and I am not a nurse or a doctor. If you need medical advice please seek your medical practitioner.

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