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Feeling Ostomistic
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I would love to collaborate with you!

Feeling Ostomistic is PR and media friendly

As a young female who is chronically sick with some of my co-morbid conditions including cancer, I write about products and services that can make my life more easier and managable, and I share these with my blog and community in the hopes that it might help another person in a similar situation.

But being a sick person isn't just who I am or what I am about either. I am a wife, a friend, a massive crafter and a lover of homewares. I am wanting to also branch out into plus-size fashion tips for those living with a stoma. I love homewares, geekery and stationary too.

I am currently building a house to be completed September 2016, so will be interested in sharing more about the process and design inspiration and homewares/furniture finds. If this is something we could work together on, please let me know as I do love shopping!

I really value and care about the Feeling Ostomistic community I have created through my blog and social media channels, I have built up a safe community founded on trust and transparency.

I welcome relevant product for editorial consideration, or exclusive sponsored posts. Items received need to be a good fit for my style, lifestyle and for my community. So if this is something you would like to chat about, I can create a tailored package to suit.

I can assist in offerring:
✔ Sponsored Posts
✔ Advertising
✔ Giveaways
✔ Brand Ambassador
✔ Public Speaking/Presenting

Sidebar Advertising is shown on every page of my site and is 250 X 250 px banner at a rate of $50 a month or $120 for 3 months.

Sponsored Post for exclusive product exposure (that is in my own words) please contact me for pricing. An example of these posts can be found here.

Guest Posts are posts that you have written on a topic you want shared, Which I am more than happy to discuss (editorial consideration does apply), you are more than welcome to submit a post or discuss a topic you want to share

Sponsored Guest Post is if you have a guest post promoting a product or service that you want shared, again this comes down to editorial consideration and if it is a fit for me and my blog. An example of these posts can be found here.

If you're liking the sound of collaborating together, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you!

Graphic Design
I can also offer up my services of freelance graphic design

Contact: Talya Goding
Twitter: @Feel_Ostomistic
Postal Address: Please email me directly or via the contact tab to request Based near Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Media Kit:
Would you like my media kit + rate card? You can download it from dropbox by clicking here, alternatively you can email me to request a copy. If you just want the media kit only without rates download here.

For my Policies on Disclosure and Privacy please click here.

FREE Pattern

With thanks to Harley B for this
FREE pattern. Full tutorial is on
my blog
. Have fun creating!

Pattern ©Harley B Handmade 

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Talya Goding - Feeling Ostomistic  |  0447 426 860

Thank you for stopping by Feeling Ostomistic. It has taken a lot of courage to share my story and I ask that you show me and my site/blog respect and courtesy. Views expressed in this blog are my own and I am not a nurse or a doctor. If you need medical advice please seek your medical practitioner.

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