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Feeling Ostomistic
 Hello and welcome to 
Feeling Ostomistic!

My name is Talya and I am the voice behind Feeling Ostomistic which is a personal blog sharing my story with you.

The name ‘feeling ostomisitc’ came about in the lead up to my surgery I felt scared and overwhelmed with not only what was going to happen but what would happen afterwards.

I started saying to myself that I needed to ‘be optimistic about getting a stoma (ostomy)’. The word ostomistic came about as an accident really when I was talking with my husband and got all tongue tied, I said ostomistic instead of optimistic and it has since stuck!

So ‘ostomistic’ is a play on words combining optimism and ostomy and when you feel the sprit of optimism through living with an ostomy you get ‘ostomisitic’!

I often have people ask me if I know I am spelling 'optimistic’ wrong. Of course I am.. because I am spelling ostomistic not optimistic.

The story I share through my blog is one not only about living daily with a permanent ileostomy but also the daily struggles with various health issues which all are related and as I come to terms with my mortality at a young age too - I promise to always keep it light-hearted and honest - I just keep it real. To read more about me and the reason that I needed an ileostomy please read the about section.

In this blog I share with you stoma advice (I am not to replace that of your stoma nurse or Drs), hints & tips, stoma life-hacks, support, articles and printables to help make each day of living with a stoma easier by not being alone. I also cover an array of topics suited to living with a chronic illness.

Connect with me via social media where I microblog about life with a chronic and terminal health condition. I share the real, the raw and the mundane. You'll meet me husband Russ and our gorgeous furbaby Dusty too.

If you have any questions about a topic not yet discussed, simply send through an email via the contact us page.

One thing I cannot stress enough is that if you are having issues with your bowel and it isn’t your normal bowel habits, please see your doctor and get checked. If caught early enough, 90% of bowel cancers can be treated.

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Thank you for stopping by Feeling Ostomistic. It has taken a lot of courage to share my story and I ask that you show me and my site/blog respect and courtesy. Views expressed in this blog are my own and I am not a nurse or a doctor. If you need medical advice please seek your medical practitioner.

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